If You believe business is global

Polipark is a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) based Public Relations company. A one of a kind which specializes in Market Research and Advisory services.

Our goal is to make sure people are talking positively about your company and your business, while your product and/or services are well known and visible on the market.
Every contact you have with internal or external audiences is an opportunity to build positive public relations with them.
Polipark identifies and aligns your key business messages with the appropriate channels to deliver results.

Our Public Relations expertise includes:
  • International Trade Consultancy
  • Partnership opportunities (co-brand / co-marketing partners, sponsorships)
  • Market research (product and/or sector based research, matchmaking operations for businesses)
  • Trademark Applications in Canada or USA
  • Branding Services in Canada
  • Events (seminars, educational programs, Fairs & Conferences, black-tie, charitable)
  • Logictics Services (Translation, transportation, hosting and representation)